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Ransomware threats in healthcare are steadily increasing, as bad actors are targeting health data and seeking lucrative payouts. The good news is that successful ransomware attacks are absolutely preventable.


Cloudticity Ransomware Protection, part of our Managed Security Services, provides defense-in-depth and employs multiple security protections at every layer. We stop even the most determined hackers in their tracks, ensuring data integrity and availability for your healthcare business.


We've managed PHI workloads in the cloud since 2011, and we've never had a breach. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.


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Ransomware Protection Services for Healthcare Include:

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Encryption in transit and at rest ensures that sensitive data is protected, even in a scenario where data is stolen the information remains indecipherable and useless to attackers without the encryption keys. Cloudticity ransomware protection solutions ensure data are automatically encrypted.

endpoint protection

Endpoint Protection

Endpoints are often the entry points for ransomware attacks, so securing them is key to preventing these attacks from gaining a foothold in the network. Our protection solutions are designed to detect and block ransomware and other types of malware at the point of entry.


Automated Backups

A critical piece of ransomware protection is recovery. You have to be able to shut off the network where the attack is, and then failover to your backup or disaster recovery system so that businesses can quickly resume operations without paying ransoms, thus reducing downtime and financial losses.

incident response

Incident Response

Utilizing best-in-class tools, as well as a structured approach to identifying, containing, eradicating, and recovering from ransomware attacks, our incident response services help healthcare organizations mitigate ransomware events, before they become breaches.

patch management

Patch Management

Software vulnerabilities are low hanging fruit for attackers trying to gain a foothold in your network. Cloudticity provides automated patching and continuous vulnerability assessments of your cloud infrastructure, reducing the attack surface and preventing the spread of ransomware.

identity access IAM

Identity and Access Management

By restricting what information users can access based on roles, IAM can significantly reduce the risk of ransomware attacks and limit their impact if they do occur. IAM, combined with encryption and other layers of security, will ensure that ransomware attempts are unsuccessful.

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