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Continuous Compliance and Maximum Agility

Life Sciences companies rely on systems that support their Good Laboratory, Clinical, and Manufacturing Practices (GxP). With new therapies and devices becoming increasingly more expensive to bring to market, Life Sciences companies are adopting a cloud-first mentality to move more quickly and efficiently discover, develop, trial, manufacture, and commercialize their offerings – all while maintaining a compliant, reliable compute environment. Improve your efficiency and find actionable insights at each point of the development pipeline with the cloud. Leveraging deep cloud expertise and experience building GxP solutions on the cloud, Cloudticity enables Life Sciences organizations to achieve scientific breakthroughs faster while improving profit margins.

Discover, develop, manufacture, and commercialize therapeutics and devices while driving top line revenue and improving patient outcomes.



Scale with demand and only pay for what you use



Maintain continuous HIPAA and HITRUST compliance

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Faster Scientific Breakthroughs

Extract deeper insights from varied data and leverage AI / ML models

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Reduce Costs

Scale with demand and only pay for what you use

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Automate Development Pipeline

Automate tedious processes and trigger workflows

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Innovate Faster

Offload infrastructure management and focus on innovation

Oxygen delivers continuous security, compliance, reliability, and cost-savings while providing complete control over production environments.

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With Cloudticity, You Don’t Have To Worry About Security And Compliance

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