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Scalability and Cost Savings with Epic Migration to Azure

Epic demands substantial investments in hardware and management resources to ensure smooth operations. Furthermore, the need for constant updates can pose challenges when planning server capacity.

Azure offers a cost-effective solution with a virtually unlimited pool of storage and computing resources that hospitals can easily scale up or down as needed. By leveraging the power of Azure to host Epic, healthcare organizations can streamline management costs and complexity, empowering them to prioritize healthcare initiatives over IT concerns.

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The Benefits of Epic on Azure:

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Operational Resilience

Recover from ransomware attacks quickly and maintain access to EHR data, while still keeping hackers out. Deliver business continuity even during unforeseen circumstances.

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Stop Guessing Capacity

With Azure's Op-Ex model you can continually align capacity with demand, and only pay for what you use. With Epic on Azure, you always have the right size infrastructure for the workload.

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Save Money

Cut down expenses associated with data center management and only pay for what you use. Reduce costs by transitioning secondary functions to Azure, like Self Service Dev/Test environments, Pilot-light DR systems, and Training Resources.

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Improve Disaster Recovery

Spread your EHR across 6+ data centers in a matter of days. With Epic on Azure, you can increase redundancies without increasing costs. No more managing collocated datacenters.


Simplify Cybersecurity

With Epic on Azure you can reduce the security burden on your organization, as all of the physical security falls on Azure to manage.

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Focus on Healthcare, Not IT

Get out of the data center business and focus on healthcare. With Epic on Azure, you can free yourself from data center management.


Guide: 5 Things You Need to Get Right for Epic to Azure Migration

Checklist and planning Guide.


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With Epic EHR on Azure, You Can Modernize Your Healthcare Business and Improve Resiliency.


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