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HIPAA/HITRUST Cloud Migration

The cloud can transform your healthcare business. From allowing you to increase your pace of innovation to freeing you from data center management, the cloud can put your business ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, there's a cloud skills gap, as most organizations struggle to find and maintain sufficient talent for a successful cloud deployment.

Cloudticity can help. Through the right education, strategy, workflow model, and ecosystem collaboration, we help align stakeholders and create a customized cloud migration plan for your healthcare business. We'll help you build the right cloud for your organization without impacting your current business operations, and baking in security from the very start.

We won't just help you migrate – we'll help you get the most out of your cloud investment. By implementing Well-Architected Frameworks, giving you access to our team of Digital Strategists, and helping you capitalize on emerging technologies, we'll help you realize ROI from cloud beyond just cost savings. We'll help you align your cloud strategy with business and clinical goals, and help you track and attain those goals, too.

Healthcare cloud migration and management for AWS


Offering 150+ HIPAA eligible services, Amazon Web Services enables healthcare to increase the pace of innovation, facilitate better collaboration between health teams, and continuously adopt the latest technologies to improve healthcare products and services. Cloudticity can help you make the most of AWS, so you can focus on providing healthcare, not IT. Learn about our AWS managed services for healthcare here.


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Cloud migration and MSP services for Azure


Many healthcare organizations trust Microsoft Azure cloud to enable them to deliver better insights, enhance patient engagement, empower health team collaboration, and provide operational resiliency. If Azure cloud is in your plans, or part of a multi-cloud strategy, Cloudticity can help your healthcare business make the most of Azure, ease the transition, and fill in gaps in skills and management. Learn about Azure managed services for healthcare here.


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Cloud migration for healthcare on Google Cloud


Healthcare organizations are moving to Google Cloud Platform to facilitate better interoperability, enable faster innovation, and enhance patient experience. If Google Cloud is in your plans, or part of a multi-cloud strategy, Cloudticity can help your healthcare business maximize Google Cloud. By offloading IT operations to our healthcare cloud experts and advanced technology, we enable you to focus on healthcare, not IT.


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Healthcare Cloud Migration Consulting and Services: 3 Steps to Transform

1. Discover and Plan


In the beginning, we inventory your environment, survey internal teams, and start to develop a playbook for your cloud transition. The plan will include prioritizing apps, assessing potential impacts and dependencies, and pinpointing any skills gaps that need to be addressed with training. Security, compliance, and governance must be baked in from the beginning; otherwise, you risk losing oversight and control of your cloud as you scale.


Learn about the benefits of cloud migration for healthcare in this blog.


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2. Standardize and Migrate


In order to validate the plan and fine-tune the process, we begin with a pilot migration into a non-production environment. Once the pilot testing is complete, we finalize the playbook, review plans with the application owners, and create a migration calendar. Then, we begin the actual migration into a production environment. We deploy Cloudticity Oxygen™, our managed cloud solution, to ensure continuous monitoring and remediation of the environment, keeping your cloud continuously aligned with security, compliance, and cloud best practices policies.


Get the cloud migration checklist here.


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3. Optimize and Transition


After the desired apps have been migrated, the Cloudticity team turns over artifacts to your team and presents a plan for ongoing management of your cloud. For organizations using Oxygen, your IT management responsibilities will be reduced by 80% on average, compared with organizations not using Oxygen. Oxygen automates tedious processes such as configuration, monitoring, and remediation, and provides full visibility into the environment, including how you stack up against cloud best practices, security, and regulatory frameworks


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Cloudticty Healthcare Cloud Migration Services

Learn about our 3-phased process and how we can work together for cloud migration success.


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Healthcare Cloud Migration Services Benefits


Continuous Security

Build automated security into your CI/CD pipeline, so developers never have to slow down for security. Monitor risks across cloud infrastructure, network, and inside cloud workloads.


Maintain Compliance

Enable continuous compliance for HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, SOC 2, GDPR, PCI, and over 40 different frameworks. Automated guardrails ensure consistency of compliance policies for newly created resources.

Max Agility-svg

Business Agility

Iterate faster and experiment more without incurring large capital expenditures. With cloud, you can keep up with the fast pace of innovation and maintain a competitive stance, enabling you to turn on a dime when market demands change course.

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Reduce Costs

Move from CapEx to Opex cost model to scale with demand and only pay for what you use. With cloud, you can align resource availability with demand and stop guessing capacity!


Maximize Reliability

Leverage cloud capabilities such as autoscaling, auto healing, and automated failovers to increase availability. Strengthen disaster recovery by adding failover locations in minutes instead of months. Maintain resilience and access your system even in the most unforeseen disasters.


Enhance Performance

Capitalize on cloud efficiencies such as autoscaling and serverless to build high performing, redundant, self-healing systems. Consume new technologies faster and deliver the latest features to your members and customers.

Cloudticity is a digital enablement partner for healthcare organizations, helping you generate business and clinical results through the power of cloud.

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Make Cloud A Strategic Asset That Drives Meaningful Change For Your Organization


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