Cloud App Optimization For Healthcare

Modernize Legacy Healthcare Apps On The Cloud

While legacy apps can hinder business agility and require costly and complicated maintenance, in healthcare they are often your organization's crown jewels. Because of this, rebuilding and refactoring your proprietary applications can seem both daunting and risky.

With 10 years of experience building, managing, and migrating HIPAA-compliant applications on the cloud, Cloudticity can help you create and execute the right plan to modernize your applications, without effecting current business operations or diluting what makes your organization great. We’ll help you take advantage of cloud capabilities such as autoscaling and auto-healing and provide guidance that will help you get the most out of your cloud investment. Reduce operating costs and gain the agility to iterate and innovate at the speed of cloud.

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Modernize Vital Healthcare Apps with Cloudticity

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Since 2011, Cloudticity has focused exclusively on helping healthcare organizations drive meaningful change through cloud innovation.


Continuous Security

Build, test, and enforce scalable policies and controls through automation


Maintain Compliance

Build HIPAA and HITRUST into build, deploy, and run phases of application lifecycle



Build and deploy new code in an automated fashion using infrastructure as code


Reduce Costs

Move from CapEx to Opex cost model to scale with demand and only pay for what you use



Leverage cloud capabilities such as autoscaling, auto healing, and automated failovers


Enhance Performance

Use cloud efficiencies to build high performing, redundant, self-healing systems

Cloudticity is a digital enablement partner for healthcare, helping organizations achieve business and clinical results through the power of cloud.

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Make Cloud A Strategic Asset That Drives Meaningful Change For Your Organization


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