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FHIR-Enabled Data Integration & Analytics Solution

Liberate Siloed Health Data


There’s no shortage of data in healthcare, but unfortunately that data isn’t always accessible at the time it matters. Cloudticity is changing all of that. Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub™, an end-to-end integration, interoperability, and analytics solution, allows you to quickly and easily view all your health data in a common language on a single dashboard – without the need for hardware or integration engines. 


Gain FHIR-enabled access to patient data within a single cloud environment while meeting stringent compliance requirements. Combine real-time and historical data analysis to predict trends, improve care, and drive long-term growth.


Automate tedious data ingestion and transformation tasks and get straight to extracting value.

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Speed to Value

Instantly view all your data in a common language on a single dashboard

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Speed to Visualization

Work with the data using standard SQL, Spark, R, and open source tools

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Consolidated Data Store

Eliminate data silos with a single, cloud-native environment for all your health data


Next-Gen Interoperability

Integrate data in any format, HL7v2, FHIR, CCDA, JSON, XML, CSV, and custom

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Gain a Holistic View of the Patient

Integrate data across the value chain for longitudinal records

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Rest Assured Your Data is Secure

Continuous security, compliance, and reliability delivered by Cloudticity Oxygen™

Learn why healthcare data analytics requires cloud-native solutions

Cloudticity Healthcare DataView

The Power Of Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub Combined With Advanced Data Science Brings You Healthcare Data Analytics-As-A-Service

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Data Analytics-as-a-Service

An add-on service to Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub, our analytics-as-a-service solution allows you to obtain data insights on demand. Just submit your requirements and access meaningful dashboards, heatmaps, and reports within hours. Avoid hiring expensive talent and only pay for what you use.

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Flexible Reporting

Traditional data analytics solutions are rigid and difficult to scale. The cloud-native solution decouples storage and compute, allowing it to be adaptive to data model changes over time. That means your reports will always reflect the most up-to-date information, without the need to submit a new ticket.

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Advanced Data Science

Our AWS Professional Certified data scientists apply a wide range of AWS-native tools to your data in order to uncover hidden correlations. From business intelligence to SQL-like queries and machine learning models, we’ll help you build the visuals you want so you gain a holistic picture of your organization or region.

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