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Managed Security Services Purpose-Built For Healthcare

Automate Security Through Build, Deploy, and Run


Managing security in developer-driven cloud environments can feel like chasing a moving target. And given that the healthcare sector is subject to more security attacks than any other industry, you need to automate security through the software development lifecycle in order to ensure agility while keeping PHI safe.


Cloudticity Managed Security Services continuously enforce security policies so that vulnerable resources cannot be created. With incident management, automated detection and response, and network traffic analysis, we combine managed CSPM and incident response to ensure that your infrastructure is continuously secure. Give developer teams flexibility, while maintaining complete security oversight.


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Cloudticity has never had a breach since our founding in 2011.

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Detect and Respond

Incident management with automated detection and response to accelerate time to remediation

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Hardened Environments

Access to hardened images and pre-vetted infrastructure templates to quickly deploy secure environments

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Managed SIEM

Real-time, machine learning-based analysis of security logs to detect and mitigate active threats

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Posture Management

Continuous architectural analysis in alignment with HIPAA, HITRUST, CIS, and OWASP to maximize security profiles

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24/7/365 virtual Security Operations Center

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Threat Intelligence

Continuous threat intelligence and log analysis to detect and stop

Oxygen automates HIPAA and cloud best practices on AWS and Azure, making it easy for healthcare to innovate fast.

Managed Services

Fully automated cloud management including backups, disaster recovery, patching, logging, and analytics, with event and incident management.

Managed Security

Includes full HITRUST-certified virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC), including intrusion detection and prevention, log monitoring, file integrity monitoring, and real-time malware prevention.

Managed Compliance

Over 1,000 continuous compliance checks that scan environment according to HITRUST, HIPAA, NIST, and GDPR definition with automated remediation of 99% of compliance deviations. Access real-time compliance dashboards with detailed remediation guidance for any compliance deviations not remediated by automation.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Gain real-time visibility into spend across cloud services. Receive proactive cost-saving recommendations and work with your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to take advantage of serverless, auto scaling, and other cost-saving, cloud-native architectures.


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