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HITRUST is incredibly important in healthcare today. But let's face it, especially when pursuing HITRUST r2, HITRUST is no walk in the park. Imagine if you could reduce the cost, complexity, and timeline of HITRUST Certification? Cloudticity is one of only a handful of cloud providers in the world to be certified by HITRUST to provide HITRUST inheritance that can accelerate the process by 25-62%. Learn about the HITRUST Inheritance Program or schedule a free consultation today.


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Automate HITRUST compliance on AWS, Azure, and GCP


Move swiftly toward your goals without slowing down for compliance. Our tech-enabled cloud managed services automate HITRUST controls in AWS, Azure, and GCP, providing real-time intelligence on your compliance posture. Map to other compliance frameworks that are important to you via HITRUST and easily prove compliance to stakeholders and customers.




What is HITRUST Certification?


HITRUST CSF Certification is the gold standard in healthcare data security. It's a robust risk management framework designed to help you achieve your healthcare compliance goals while minimizing risk of a security breach. It encompasses the requirements of over 40 different regulatory standards across industries. While it's not required by law, many healthcare organizations require certification of their vendors, giving a competitive edge to those who embrace HITRUST. 


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HITRUST Certification on Azure


Achieving HITRUST Certification is faster, and easier, on the Azure cloud. By inheriting controls that your cloud service provider has already met, as well as controls from your MSP, you can accelerate the process by 40-60% on average. Reduce the time, effort, and overall burden of your investment and get to the benefits faster.


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HITRUST Certification on the AWS cloud


Reduce the cost, complexity, and timeline of HITRUST CSF certification when you use AWS. Inherit hundreds of controls from AWS and even more from Cloudticity when you use our cloud management solution that automates HITRUST controls on AWS. It's the faster, easier path to certification.


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HITRUST Certification on the Google Cloud


You probably know that using Google Cloud can accelerate the HITRUST process, as compliance is a shared responsibility in the cloud and Google Cloud has already been certified for HITRUST. But did you know that using a HITRUST Inheritance provider such as Cloudticity can accelerate the process even more? Learn more here.


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You want to achieve HITRUST quickly. But conquering HITRUST starts with building the right team and creating the right plan. Download the FREE guide today.


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Cloudticity Covers More HITRUST Certification Controls Than Any Cloud Provider


With Cloudticity, you inherit 425 HITRUST CSF controls mapped to HIPAA CFRs. Compatible with AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Download the complete list of controls we cover from HITRUST.



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