Ransomware Recovery for Epic EHR

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Ransomware Protection for Hospitals

When a ransomware attack hits, hospitals are forced to shut down access to the EHR, including disaster recovery environments. This is an inconvenience for any business, but in healthcare this puts lifesaving care at risk.

Imagine you could access Epic EHR production data, while still defending against the attack. Then, hospitals could continue providing high quality care and IT could keep the system offline as long as needed.

With a new solution from Cloudticity and Sapphire Health Consulting, hosted on AWS, this is being made possible. Read about the ransomware solution here or schedule a free conslutation today.


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What is Cloud Read-Only Ransomware Recovery for Epic?


Cloud read-only (CRO) involves running a read-only copy of Epic and supporting infrastructure on AWS. When hospitals identify an attack, they can turn off Epic production, reporting, and DR and spin up the CRO environment in minutes, which will be seconds behind production.


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Why Cloud Read-Only Ransomware Protection for Epic?


Ransomware threats are steadily increasing in healthcare. When hospitals defend against attacks, business operations stop and care quality suffers. With CRO, you can continue serving patients, while keeping bad guys away from patient data.


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Does Epic EHR Run Well on AWS?


Short answer: yes. Epic requires large capital investments to keep it running smoothly. In addition, Epic needs to be continually updated, which can cause issues when planning for server capacity. AWS provides an affordable and near-limitless supply of storage and compute resources that hospitals can provision and spin down on demand. 


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The Benefits of Ransomware Protection for Epic EHR

business continuity resilience

Business Continuity and Resilience

Healthcare organizations need to continue providing services, even during ransomware attacks. You have to minimize downtime and be able to recovery quickly. With our ransomware solution for hospitals, hosted on AWS, you can continue normal business operations, while defending against the attack.

protect patient data

Protect Patient Data

For hospital IT dealing with ransomware, it’s understandable that there will be a degree of hesitation before shutting the system down. And it’s easy to succumb to pressures to turn it back on prematurely. However, this can allow patient data to get in the wrong hands. With our ransomware protection for Epic EHR, you can keep patient data safe while keeping hackers out.

reduce RPO

Reduce RPO

Recovery point objective (RPO) measures the maximum amount of time an organization can go without a data backup when recovering from a disaster. For most hospitals, RPO is measured in hours. But with our solution RPO will be mere seconds behind the point of failure.


Access EHR Data During an Attack

Traditionally, defending against ransomware in healthcare means shutting the EHR down, including DR environments, which means the hospital can no longer access patient data. With our solution, hospitals can access a read-only version of Epic production, which is only seconds behind production.

Reduced Cost-svg (1)

Reduce Cybersecurity Premiums

Cybersecurity insurance premiums are steadily increasing, putting a strain on hospital IT budgets. With our solution, you can demonstrate to the insurance company that you have resilience against ransomware and other natural disasters, which has proven to reduce cybersecurity premiums.

continue serving patients

Continue Serving Patients

The old way of defending against ransomware was to shut the whole EHR down. But then, you're at the mercy of the bad guy, as hospital operations are in lock jam, waiting for the attacker to give up. It doesn't have to be that way anymore. Continue serving patients and providing life saving care while protecting patient data.


ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Saying "No" to Ransomware Woes

Learn how one health system stays operational during ransomware attacks with the solution from Cloudticity, hosted on AWS.



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With Ransomware Protection for Epic EHR, Hospitals Don't Have to Worry About Ransomware.


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