Epic on AWS

Boost Business Continuity and Resiliency

Your EHR/EMR is the lifeblood of your organization. But planning for software updates and guessing capacity is a challenge, especially when planning for several years out. Moving your Epic EHR system to AWS allows you to match demand with resource availability, so you only pay for what you use. With our partner Sapphire Health Consulting, we can help you reduce your infrastructure spend by 30% in 3 months and deliver the business continuity and resiliency that your health system can depend on.

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Cloudticity built the first-ever patient portal and MU2 compliance attestation for a large hospital system on the public cloud.

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Improve availability and DR

Maximize resiliency with 6+ data center deployment DR strategy


Automate Security

Continuously discover and remediate issues without human intervention

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Improve Data Interoperability

Extract deeper insights from your data and improve business and clinical decisions

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Improve Total Cost of Ownership

Scale with demand and only pay for what you use

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Increase Scalability

Scale out multiple environments in minutes instead of months

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Stop Guessing Capacity

Scale up and down with demand; no need to account for future software updates

Epic disaster recovery dr aws

White Paper: Designing Your Epic Disaster Recovery on AWS

Learn how to improve DR and reduce costs, without physical infrastructure.



Transforming Healthcare
And Saving Lives

Cloudticity partnered with Great Lakes Health Connect to create a Health Information Exchange to give physicians a complete picture of their patients’ health. For one girl, it was life-saving.

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Cloudticity Oxygen is a next-gen managed cloud solution for the modern healthcare business. Enabling continuous compliance and security, increased reliability, and boosted performance across IT environments, Oxygen frees health IT to focus on value-adding activities, rather than tedious operations tasks.

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With EHR on AWS, You Can Modernize Your Healthcare Business and Improve resiliency.


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