The Cloud Powers Next Wave Of Healthcare Data Interoperability Solutions

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People across our industry are working hard to improve healthcare. Increasingly, these efforts require data – lots of it.

And there’s no shortage: records, tracking, billing, and more. Unfortunately, these massive data sets create huge challenges because they come from disparate systems in a range of disparate formats, including HL7, FHIR, and CCDAs.

When Cloudticity first looked at the problem of data interoperability, other vendors were building new products on top of legacy integration engines – “innovating” based on what had come before. This approach works – sort of – but eventually you run into new problems that are difficult or impossible to solve with last-generation products.

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  • The old way wasn't working: problems with traditional interoperability solutions
  • How Cloudticity ingests and extracts information using 100% cloud-native services
  • Why data interoperability needed a new engine: the cloud

Read the eBook to learn more.

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We are now able to tap into the full power of our data and will be able to provide systematic, de identified trend reporting that enables our customers to be better at their jobs and deliver better care.

Chris DeSocio, Director of Operations / Privacy & Security Officer