HIEs/HINs And Public Health

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Accelerate Speed to Value of Health Data

Being in the business of data acquisition, you rely on technology to help you uncover insights from vast quantities of health data in order to deliver value to your members. Parsing and aggregating data manually can slow you down from executing your core mission. Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub, an end-to-end integration, interoperability, and analytics solution, combines the power of cloud with advanced automation to remove the friction that comes with managing healthcare data, so you can get straight to extracting value. Combine real-time and historical data analysis to improve care and drive growth.

In 2012, Cloudticity built the first-ever health information exchange on the public cloud.

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Maximize Data Agility

Free yourself from manual data management and focus on extracting value


Maintain Compliance

Continuous HIPAA, HITRUST, and Meaningful Use Compliance


Improve Data Interoperability

Extract deeper insights from your data and improve business and clinical decisions

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Reduce Costs

Scale with demand and only pay for what you use

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Fully Managed Environment

Infrastructure requirements managed by Cloudticity, freeing you to focus on your business mission

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Empower Your Members

Gain relevant, real-time insights to support your members and region


The Once & Future Health Information Exchange

4 pillars for scalable, reliable, secure next-generation infrastructure


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Transforming Healthcare
And Saving Lives

Cloudticity partnered with Great Lakes Health Connect to create a Health Information Exchange to give physicians a complete picture of their patients’ health. For one girl, it was life-saving.

Oxygen delivers continuous security, compliance, reliability, and cost-savings while providing complete control over production environments.
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With Cloudticity, You Don’t Have To Worry About Manually Parsing Data


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