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Capitalize on transformative cloud benefits while reducing costs, complexities, and risks.
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Many healthcare organizations today recognize the potentially transformative benefits of cloud migration. Still, cloud migration can be fraught with challenges, such as:

  • - Downtime: Without proper planning and execution, moving vital applications to the cloud can incur downtime.
  • - Compliance: Meeting requirements can mean time-consuming and costly processes.
  • - Ongoing management: You need to plan ahead for managing those complex cloud environments.

Cloudticity Cloud Migration Services can help you plan and execute a successful cloud migration while maintaining your service level agreements.


Learn about our 3-pillar process in this solution brief.

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Plenty of people talk about the possibilities of what automation and the cloud can do. Cloudticity is actually doing it. They are helping Verge Health automate and improve how we operate and the ways our tech teams work, which is making us a more innovative partner to our hospital customers, and ultimately, their patients.

Chief Solutions Officer, Verge Health