Migration & Optimization

Accelerate Cloud Adoption & Application Development

Optimize your deployment for the cloud and improve reliability, performance, security, and cost savings. Whether you’re just starting out in the cloud, need help with refactoring an application, or just want to accelerate software development, Cloudticity can help you achieve your goals and save you from hours of research and harmful mistakes. Leveraging deep cloud expertise and experience building healthcare solutions, we help you determine the best strategy for optimizing your environment and workflow for maximum agility and performance.

Cloud Opti

Cloud Migration

Reduce the cost, complexity, and timeline of migration while improving your agility, security, availability, and compliance. Leveraging deep expertise and experience in healthcare cloud solutions, we help determine the best migration strategy for moving systems and solutions to AWS and Azure.

Cloud Migration

Cloud App Optimization

Future-proof your non-native application in the cloud. Leveraging deep cloud expertise and experience with healthcare apps, we help you refactor applications to take advantage of cloud benefits such as autoscaling and auto-healing, reducing costs and improving performance and reliability.

DevOps Auto

DevOps Automation

Automate tedious manual processes that are time consuming and prone to error. Cloudticity’s DevOps automation leverages deep expertise in cloud solutions to automate CI/CD processes such as application deployments and infrastructure updates, freeing you to focus on innovation and growth.

Maintain a secure, compliant posture with enhanced reliability with Cloudticity Oxygen™

Managed Services

Fully automated cloud management including backups, patching, logging, and analytics, with event and incident management

Managed Compliance

Automated remediation of 99% of compliance deviations, plus access to compliance dashboards with HIPAA and HITRUST mappings

Managed Security

Fully automated cloud management including backups, patching, logging, and analytics, with event and incident management

AWS & Azure

Maximize AWS & Azure with Specialized Expertise and Unmatched Healthcare Expertise




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Oxygen is the world’s first and only 99% autonomous managed cloud solution for the healthcare industry on AWS and Azure.
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