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HITRUST certification is becoming critical for organizations in and around healthcare. Many payers and providers now require vendors to attain certification. And because HITRUST keeps pace with HIPAA changes, certification allows you to successfully manage evolving security and compliance requirements.

But the road to HITRUST is challenging. The certification process can be long, expensive, and distracting, and tie up valuable resources. Leveraging our expertise and innovative Oxygen platform, you can accelerate the HITRUST process, reduce the cost, and free your team to focus on innovation and growth.

Navigating HITRUST requires expert guidance from an experienced cloud partner. Schedule a consultation with our HITRUST experts.

During the call, we’ll:


Review your current security posture

Explain the challenges of HITRUST and how we accelerate the process

Lay out a detailed road map to HITRUST certification


HITRUST gives both you and your customers confidence that you can prevent a devastating breach. Schedule a talk and get on the fast track to HITRUST.



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