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Focus on Healthcare, Not Data Management

From day-to-day business operations to the clinic, data drives everything that you do. Unfortunately, with data in different formats spread out across disparate environments it can be difficult to gain the insights you need, when you need them, in order to drive the highest efficiencies alongside the most optimal care. Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub, an end-to-end integration and analytics solution, combines the power of cloud with advanced automation to remove the friction that comes with managing health data, so you can get straight to extracting value. Reduce readmission rates, balance costs with quality of care, and drive additional revenue with Cloudticity’s 100% cloud-native solution.

In 2018, Cloudticity built the first-ever, 100% cloud-native integration engine and interoperability environment for a large hospital system.

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Maximize Data Agility

Free yourself from hardware management and focus on extracting value from data


Maintain Compliance

Continuous HIPAA, HITRUST, and Meaningful Use Compliance


Improve Data Interoperability

Extract deeper insights from your data and improve business and clinical decisions

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Reduce Costs

Scale with demand and only pay for what you use

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Fully Managed Environment

Infrastructure requirements managed by Cloudtiicty, freeing you to focus on delivering value

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Empower Your Community

Gain relevant, real-time insights to support your members and region

Oxygen delivers continuous security, compliance, reliability, and cost-savings while providing complete control over production environments.
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With Cloudticity, You Don’t Have To Worry About Manually Parsing Data

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