Understand the ROI of Your Cloud Investment

A Case for Managed Cloud Services

Understand the ROI of Your Cloud Investment

For every organization going all in on public cloud, the cost of the investment must be projected and budgeted for. Some of the costs are obvious, like salaries and migration costs, while other costs require a deeper understanding of the resources that are needed for cloud success.


Proper planning can help you avoid major budgetary and resource issues and get on a path to realizing cloud ROI. This white paper will help you understand:

  • ✔️ What are all the costs associated with cloud operations?
  • ✔️ What kind of ROI can one expect from cloud?
  • ✔️ Should I work with a managed cloud service provider or build internally?

Download the white paper understand the ROI of your cloud investment.


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Rob Visser, Compliance Analyst, Caredove