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Improve Reliability, Performance, Security, Resiliency, and Cost-Savings in a 2-Hour Workshop

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When your AWS architecture doesn't align with best practices, it can adversely affect the security, performance, and resilience of your infrastructure.


Our free well-architected review for healthcare evaluates your workload against AWS’s Well-Architected Framework to identify gaps. It consists of a series of questions based on the pillars of the Well-Architected Framework: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.


By addressing and mitigating risks in a 2-4 hour workshop, healthcare organizations can:

  • - Improve reliability, with fully redundant everything eliminating any single point of failure.
  • - Scale automatically to meet peak demand, without needing to guess about capacity requirements.
  • - Reduce costs and enhance governance with a predictable, manageable pay-as-you-go model.
  • - Fortify security by automating security best practices and applying security to all layers.
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Group 221

We chose Cloudticity because of their strong alignment with HITRUST. No other service provider offers 200 inheritable controls, as well as services that extend beyond that to help with recertification. In addition, the Oxygen™ platform gives us continuous visibility into our compliance posture and automatically remediates issues, removing any uncertainty in regards to our HITRUST compliance in AWS.

Scib Ebel, CISO, Revel Health