The Right Cloud Partner Can Accelerate HITRUST Certification

Look For These 5 Things When Choosing A Partner
Discover 5 Tips For Choosing a HITRUST Cloud Provider

While the right cloud partner can accelerate your HITRUST timeline, the wrong one will set back your certification process and create even bigger problems down the road. 

When choosing a partner, make sure it can offer:

  • Relevant experience and proven expertise in both healthcare and the cloud
  • Credentials that go beyond certification to innovation and thought leadership 
  • A platform that is both compliant with regulations and rich in resources
Download the tip sheet 5 Tips For Choosing A HITRUST Cloud Partner to ensure you’re building the right partnership.



Plenty of people talk about the possibilities of what automation and the cloud can do. Cloudticity is actually doing it. They are helping Verge Health automate and improve how we operate and the ways our tech teams work, which is making us a more innovative partner to our hospital customers, and ultimately, their patients.

Chief Solutions Officer, Verge Health