Modern application development has paved the way for a new, cloud-native approach to infrastructure – enter Kubernetes. However, Kubernetes requires a steep learning curve, especially when you throw compliance in the mix, and most healthcare organizations don't have the resources to support Kubernetes' complexities.

That's why we designed a Managed Kubernetes solution exclusively for healthcare. Now, organizations can easily spin up HIPAA-compliant clusters that include a full suite of control plane logging, node metrics, container insights, alerting, and even the Kubernetes dashboard – right out of the box.

Schedule a free consultation to learn how Cloudticity Managed Kubernetes can help you:

  • Deploy HIPAA-compliant Kubernetes clusters on demand with a simple template
  • Create clusters with hardened images, a choice of instance types and managed node groups or Fargate profiles, and choice of public or private API endpoints

  • Automate the entire Kubernetes lifecycle in a single deployment workflow

  • Leverage Kubernetes without the overhead of managing them

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