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The race is on. It's time to offer generative AI solutions to your healthcare customers so you can stay competitive and relevant in the market.


Of course, if adopting AI were easy you'd already be doing it. There are some critical roadblocks in the way of businesses adopting AI:

  1. 1. AI is only as good as your data, so data management processes need to be in place.
  2. 2. AI models need to be secured from theft and corruption to be effective.
  3. 3. You need to use the right tools and create the right roadmap to bring your project to life.

Cloudticity and SoftServe can help. With our Gen AI Jumpstarter, you can bring generative AI healthcare solutions to market, faster, and reduce the burden on your team. 


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Plenty of people talk about the possibilities of what automation and the cloud can do. Cloudticity is actually doing it. They are helping Verge Health automate and improve how we operate and the ways our tech teams work, which is making us a more innovative partner to our hospital customers, and ultimately, their patients.
Chief Solutions Officer, Verge Health