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Completing the HITRUST certification journey immediately grants you access to an expanded customer base, an easier way to manage compliance, and more time for innovation.


However, HITRUST requires a team effort. You won't be able to go at it alone.


This Guide offers practical advice to healthcare leaders who seek to achieve HITRUST status at their organization. Find out what you can really expect during the process, how to keep the project on track, and how to build a strong and motivated team that will help you see the project to completion.


Read Conquering the HITRUST Mountain to learn more.



Group 221

We chose Cloudticity because of their strong alignment with HITRUST. No other service provider offers 200 inheritable controls, as well as services that extend beyond that to help with recertification. In addition, the Oxygen™ platform gives us continuous visibility into our compliance posture and automatically remediates issues, removing any uncertainty in regards to our HITRUST compliance in AWS.

Scib Ebel, CISO, Revel Health