Unlock Business and Clinical Value From Your Cloud Journey

How providers and payers can realize tangible benefits from cloud

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The cloud business model has evolved to the point where cost savings are considered to be a given. More and more organizations are looking beyond economics to target strategic business outcomes, such as gaining greater control of IT resources and increasing flexibility to meet dynamic business requirements.


To help organizations understand how to achieve tangible business benefits from cloud, Cloudticity developed the Cloud Value Journey model. The model shows how the business benefits of cloud accrue over time, yielding a progression of higher and higher level outcomes, such as:


Level 1: Reducing costs and scaling seamlessly

Level 2: Automating compliance and reducing risk

Level 3: Improving care delivery and predictions

Level 4: Retargeting capital investments and increasing revenue

Level 5: Enhancing competitiveness and expanding geographically


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Group 221

“We are now able to tap into the full power of our data and will be able to provide systematic, de identified trend reporting that enables our customers to be better at their jobs and deliver better care."

Chris DeSocio - Director of Operations, Privacy, and Security - HealtHIE Nevada