Webinar: Beginning Your Epic to the Cloud Journey

Learn how to get started and plan for success

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For some hospital organizations, nearly 90% of the IT budget is tied up in Epic EHR. In addition, planning for software updates in traditional infrastructure is challenging. As more healthcare organizations prioritize digital transformation, they're moving Epic to AWS in order to:

✔️ Improve business resiliency and continuity
✔️create scalable resources to meet growing demand
✔️ Reduce IT operational costs by 30% in 3 months

Join our live webinar with experts from AWS, Cloudticity, and Sapphire Health. They will discuss the benefits and risks of moving Epic to AWS and build a business case for why your organization should put this on its roadmap today.

- Michael Hegyi, AWS Healthcare EHR Lead, AWS
- Gerry Miller, Founder & CEO, Cloudticity
- Austin Park, Founder & CEO, Sapphire Health

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"Partnering with Cloudticity has freed us to focus on developing our application and getting more customers."

Rob Visser, Compliance Analyst, Caredove