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Speed adoption of the new healthcare data exchange standard with FHIR Works on AWS

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Is your organization affected by the CSM FHIR mandate? If so, you must adopt FHIR or face regulatory fines.


With the mandate already in place, you need to move fast — but should be aware of some potential hurdles before you make any decisions:

  • - FHIR is still a nascent standard, and there are relatively few commercial options available.
  • - Building your own in-house FHIR implementation might require your developers to sort through multiple commercial and open-source projects.
  • - Building an interface or app is just the first step. Your team will need the skills and resources to manage and scale your backend FHIR service in the future.

Fortunately, AWS released FHIR Works on AWS to help make FHIR implementation easier. Read this white paper to learn how you can simplify FHIR adoption with FHIR Works on AWS.

Group 221

We chose Cloudticity because of their strong alignment with HITRUST. No other service provider offers 200 inheritable controls, as well as services that extend beyond that to help with recertification. In addition, the Oxygen™ platform gives us continuous visibility into our compliance posture and automatically remediates issues, removing any uncertainty in regards to our HITRUST compliance in AWS.

Scib Ebel, CISO, Revel Health