Simplify FHIR Adoption in HITRUST Cloud

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You need to create innovative solutions with FHIR, but building a FHIR environment from scratch can take months of tedious work. On top of that, you need to ensure the underlying infrastructure is continuously reliable, secure, and compliant. All of these monotonous tasks can take your focus away from what truly matters: creating groundbreaking solutions with FHIR.


Why not leave the complexities of infrastructure management to the experts?


With Aidbox and Cloudticity, you can delegate infrastructure management tasks – from security, integration, management, and sharing, to cloud infrastructure operations – and focus solely on driving innovation with FHIR. Accelerate FHIR adoption by up to 70% and reduce your infrastructure management responsibilities by 80%.


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Group 221

“We are now able to tap into the full power of our data and will be able to provide systematic, de identified trend reporting that enables our customers to be better at their jobs and deliver better care."

Chris DeSocio - Director of Operations, Privacy, and Security - HealtHIE Nevada