Achieve HITRUST Faster And Accomplish More With AWS And Cloudticity

Learn how to accelerate the HITRUST process
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For companies that sell into healthcare, HITRUST is becoming critical for success. While certification offers immediate advantages, such as an easier way to manage HIPAA security and access to a larger customer base, the road to HITRUST can be daunting.


With the right knowledge and tools you can accelerate your path to HITRUST, reducing significant pressures from your bottom line and unlocking benefits sooner. Watch our on-demand webinar with Aaron Friedman, Principal Solutions Architect, Healthcare and Life Sciences at AWS, and Gerry Miller, Founder and CEO at Cloudticity to learn:

  • Why your healthcare company can't afford to go uncertified
  • What AWS customers are learning on the road to HITRUST
  • How the cloud can help you achieve HITRUST faster


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Partnering with Cloudticity has freed us to focus on developing our application, getting more customers, and driving revenue.

Rob Visser, Business and Compliance Analyst , Caredove