Accelerate Your Zero Trust Journey with Cloudticity

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Zero Trust strategies are critical to the future of security in the Healthcare industry. While it was once okay to perform security checks periodically, it is now a best practice to authenticate and authorize users each time sensitive information is accessed.


Healthcare is among the toughest industries to align with the pillars of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). Stringent data mobility rules and relatively slow technology adoption rates create a key challenge for CISOs and CIOs alike.


This data sheet will provide you with the information you need to understand the pillars of the Zero Trust Architecture and how Cloudticity can help. 


Plenty of people talk about the possibilities of what automation and the cloud can do. Cloudticity is actually doing it. They are helping Verge Health automate and improve how we operate and the ways our tech teams work, which is making us a more innovative partner to our hospital customers, and ultimately, their patients.

Chief Solutions Officer, Verge Health