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How you can reduce cost and timeline with the Cloudticity HITRUST Inheritance Program.

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Providers, payers, and business associates are increasingly recognizing the value of HITRUST certification. However, achieving certification is not meant to be easy. To ensure that certified organizations strictly adhere to regulations and are able to safeguard sensitive data, the certification must be rigorous. Nevertheless, most organizations need outside assistance to navigate the process or they see the project fail.


Working with the right HITRUST cloud provider can help accelerate and simplify HITRUST certification. Read this white paper to learn:

  • ✔️ Why HITRUST matters for your healthcare business
  • ✔️ The most common roadblocks to certification
  • ✔️ How Cloudticity’s HITRUST inheritance program can help you accelerate HITRUST Certification by 50%


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"Partnering with Cloudticity has freed us to focus on developing our application and getting more customers."

Rob Visser, Compliance Analyst, Caredove