Interoperability Made Simple

With Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub™

Save 90% Compared With Non-Cloud-Native Solutions

Make better healthcare decisions. Faster.

Traditionally, ingesting massive quantities of healthcare data like FHIR, HL7, and CCDAs requires integration engines that are fickle, difficult to maintain, and prone to failure – not to mention expensive. To solve this problem, we invented an entirely new approach that eliminates the integration engine entirely, in favor of AWS-native tools, creating a modern data interoperability infrastructure that scales instantly, ingests data intelligently, and keeps costs low.


Now organizations can:

  • Spin up massive data lakes and begin ingesting data in a matter of days
  • Train and leverage machine learning models, including natural language process which is aware of healthcare terminology, in order to find deeper correlations
  • Securely ingest massive amounts of FHIR, HL7, and CCDAs, normalize data
  • Integrate with your current EMPI solution for fast attribution
  • Handle data provenance and role-based access with ease
  • Gain valuable info from unstructured text and clinical notes
  • Visualize data in real-time, create valuable dashboards that inform both clinical and business decisions
  • Interoperate healthcare data at 90% cost reduction compared to non-cloud-native tools