With the vast quantity of healthcare data coming out of COVID-19, public health orgs and epidemiologists are racing to make sense of the data. They need answers to questions like:

  • What co-morbidities signal higher risk for an individual’s hospitalization and ventilation?
  • How do various patient trends impact length of stay, discharge disposition, recovery rate and reinfection?
  • In what geographic areas does the COVID-19 impact risk exceeding the existing hospital/supply capacity?

But many public health organizations are dealing with data in disparate places which can make it difficult to uncover granular insights. What public health needs is a consolidated environment that can intelligently ingest COVID-19 data and track patients from diagnoses to recovery.

They need a complete picture of COVID-19 data, in one place, in real time.

Read this eBook to learn:

  • Why COVID-19 is pushing public health to the cloud
  • How public health orgs are leveraging AWS and Cloudticity to solve COVID-19 data challenges
  • The benefits from the governor's office to the epidemiologists to the clinic

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