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Get FHIR Server Ecosystem in HITRUST Cloud

FHIR is a game-changer for healthcare providers, vendors, and startups. It boosts interoperability, helps you comply with important government regulations, and enables you to stay in the market.

But let's be real. Building and managing a FHIR server is no walk in the park. It takes time, skills, and creativity. On top of that, you have to manage and maintain infrastructure where your FHIR server lives. All of this IT management takes valuable time away from building innovative FHIR solutions that can put your business ahead.

Wouldn't it be nice to just innovate with FHIR all day and not worry about tedious administrative tasks?

With Aidbox™ from Health Samurai and Cloudticity, you can leave the complexities of IT to the experts. Delegate infrastructure management tasks and focus solely on driving innovation with FHIR. Accelerate FHIR adoption by up to 70% and reduce your infrastructure management responsibilities by 80%.

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The Benefits of FHIR with Cloudticity and Aidbox:

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Rapid FHIR Adoption

Start working with FHIR right away with our out-the-box FHIR environment. Aidbox makes FHIR adoption simple, so you can focus on innovating with FHIR,


HITRUST Certification Acceleration

Accelerate your journey to HITRUST CSF Certification by 25-62% with the Cloudticity HITRUST Inheritance Program. Reduce time, effort, and cost of certification.

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Enterprise-Grade Cloud Security

With automated security through build, deploy, and run – along with continuous threat detection, vulnerability management, and posture management – you can develop solutions while maintaining peace of mind.

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Dedicated, Flexible Support

Get 24/7/365 support with Aidbox and Cloudticity. Work with your cloud strategist to continually optimize the infrastructure while you build innovative FHIR solutions.

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Increase the Pace of Innovation

Move more quickly to deployment and delivery and reduce friction between development and security operations teams.

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Continuous Cloud Compliance

Stay continuously aligned with HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, SOC 2, GDPR, PCI, FISMA, and up to 83 different frameworks in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Learn More About FHIR in HITRUST Cloud

In This 2-Page Solution Brief

Aidbox, a robust FHIR platform, empowers you to build new FHIR-based solutions or enhance existing ones using the FHIR ecosystem. Delegate the tasks of secure data storage, integration, management, and sharing to Aidbox, saving you time.


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Cloudticity Oxygen, a fully managed security monitoring toolkit, seamlessly integrates with your Aidbox-based infrastructure. It scans your environment for compliance with HITRUST, HIPAA, NIST, and other cloud best practices.


Aidbox + Cloudticity: FHIR in HITRUST Cloud

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Rapid FHIR adoption

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ONC & CMS rules compliance


HITRUST certification success

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Flexible dedicated support

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Continuous security and compliance

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Your Secure, Compliant, FHIR ecosystem – with Cloudticity and Aidbox.


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