Amazon QuickSight

Powerful Business Insights

Cloudticity helps healthcare organizations collect, analyze, and visualize healthcare data using Amazon QuickSight, revealing powerful insights that drive better patient care, lower costs, and stronger revenue realization. Cloudticity clients report:

  • Higher patient satisfaction by identifying and fixing long ER wait times.
  • Better outcomes by finding correlations between patient demographic and clinical data.
  • Reduced readmission rates.
  • Improved revenue by ensuring all procedures performed are coded and billed.

Cloudticity helps healthcare organizations leverage the power of Amazon QuickSight by:

  • Ensuring a safe solution that secures Protected Health Information by leveraging powerful native AWS user management, security, and access services such as IAM, SSO, Federated SAML, and Group Policy management.
  • Preparing data for analytics, including data architecture, cataloging, ETL development, and security down to the row level.
  • Creating QuickSight dashboards, from proofs-of-concept through reports numbering into the thousands.
  • Driving adoption through user training, including managing activity, tracking usage, and optimizing the performance of QuickSight.


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