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A Quick Cloudticity Update

A Quick Cloudticity Update

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Just a quick update to let you know what we’ve been up to at Cloudticity.  We’re hard at work on a cloud management toolset that will automate a lot of things you currently have to do manually.  We’re targeting Amazon AWS first, followed by Microsoft Azure, then OpenStack.

As we develop, we’ll post articles about our experience, including deep-dive code reviews.  We’ll open source the code (currently using C# / .NET), and hope it’s useful enough for others to take advantage.  Of course, we’re not charging anything for this toolset.

Later we’ll use this toolset to build a suite of management products, but for now, our goal is simply to make something beautiful, elegant, and useful.

Stay tuned, more to come!

Is it manageable?

Is it manageable?

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No matter what your company size, managing your computers is sure to eat up time and money.  Is the cloud different?  What kind of investments will it take?  Cloudticity will clear things up for you.

Moving data, applications, even entire infrastructures into the cloud often feels like a loss of control.  After all, if it’s not running in your data center, how can you manage it?  In fact, the cloud offers better manageability than you can probably imagine.  Monitoring, replication, and quick response to impending issues allow you to control everything in the cloud right from your desk on the ground.

Cloudticity is your partner in ensuring everything you do in the cloud is transparent to you, leaving you fully in control of everything, always.


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