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Cloudticity named Amazon AWS Consulting Partner

Cloudticity named Amazon AWS Consulting Partner

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Cloudticity Named Amazon AWS Consulting Partner

We’re thrilled to announce that Amazon has chosen Cloudticity as an Amazon AWS Consulting Partner in the Amazon Partner Network (APN).  According to Amazon,

APN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help customers of all sizes design, architect, migrate, or build new applications on AWS. Consulting partners include System Integrators (SIs), strategic consultancies, resellers, agencies, and VARs.


As an APN Consulting Partner you will gain access to a range of resources and training that will enable you to better help your customers deploy, run and manage applications in the AWS cloud.


Importantly, the partner benefits outlined below are just the beginning. The APN team is hard at work adding additional partner benefits, which will be highlighted for partners as they are made available via the partner newsletter and other communication channels.

Gerry Miller, Cloudticity’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer, added, “Cloudticity is thrilled to partner directly with Amazon in pursuit of the best solutions possible for our mutual customers.”

Cloudticity is a Muse Holdings portfolio company specializing in cloud computing technology for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Gerry Miller
100 W 5th St Ste 403
Royal Oak, MI 48067
United States of America
Ph: +1 (248) 819-0443


Stretching in the Cloud (Cloud Computing Tutorial 4)

Stretching in the Cloud (Cloud Computing Tutorial 4)

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This is the fourth of an evolving multi-part tutorial series on cloud computing.  To start at the beginning, click here.

Recently I wrote about some of the deeper aspects of cloud computing, such as provisioning. We learned that:

  • Computers essentially consist of hardware executing software instructions.
  • You can replace the hardware with software that emulates the hardware – this is called virtualization, and is the core technology behind cloud computing.
  • Adding provisioning allows cloud customers to create and destroy computers to their specifications, as needed, using a self-service model.
  • Some cloud providers even allow auto-provisioning (sometimes called auto-scaling) to automatically adjust the number of servers up and down as needed.
  • All of these cloud technologies work together to eliminate up-front costs, and reduce computing to low hourly costs at exactly the capacity needed at any given time.

I promised to go even deeper into some of the more interesting things that these capabilities can bring, so strap-in – we’re going on a fun ride. Continue Reading

A Quick Cloudticity Update

A Quick Cloudticity Update

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Just a quick update to let you know what we’ve been up to at Cloudticity.  We’re hard at work on a cloud management toolset that will automate a lot of things you currently have to do manually.  We’re targeting Amazon AWS first, followed by Microsoft Azure, then OpenStack.

As we develop, we’ll post articles about our experience, including deep-dive code reviews.  We’ll open source the code (currently using C# / .NET), and hope it’s useful enough for others to take advantage.  Of course, we’re not charging anything for this toolset.

Later we’ll use this toolset to build a suite of management products, but for now, our goal is simply to make something beautiful, elegant, and useful.

Stay tuned, more to come!


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