Get Ready For The Cloud

Get Ready For The Cloud

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The cloud rush is the new gold rush, and just like in the 19th century, the richest 49-ers are the most prepared.  Before you put your head in the clouds, Cloudticity gets you prepared with a Cloud Readiness Assessment.

The cloud offers unprecedented abilities to harness limitless computing power with almost no capital outlay.  Spin up servers when you need them, get rid of them when you don’t, and only pay for what you use.  Storage on demand, services on demand, even entire applications like CRM or desktop software suites.  But how do you best take advantage?  Where do you start?

The answer is different for every company.  Not only do you need to look at what is best moved to the cloud, you also need to figure out when.  Cloudticity works with you to examine your business as a business, not as a set of technologies.  We guide you to the best cloud decisions that free your company from earth-bound computers and get you ready to leverage the cloud.

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